Joan Rivers Turns Mean, Critical Eye On Kim Kardashian’s ‘ugly’ Baby

Yeah, comedy grande dame Joan Rivers is attacking a baby. According to the Daily Mail , Joan Rivers attack on North West isnt even particularly funny or clever. She just calls the baby ugly. Thats the punchline. That baby is ugly Ive never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing, Rivers quipped during a stand-up performance. Apparently Rivers saw the baby when Kim Kardashian brought her by the E!

Kim Kardashian Flashes Major Cleavage (and Her Bra) While Out and About in Paris

Our spies tell us there was a line of girls snaking around the club just to snap photos with Cheban. Seriously.At one point in the night, a reveler who fancied herself a Faux-dashian approached Cheban to inform him that all her friends thought she looked like Kim. To which Cheban laughed and replied, not even close. More Hey, isnt that . . .? and even more sightings. .

Kim Kardashian’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, parties in D.C.

Alaia’s exhibition, which pays homage to the legendary designer, opened in September. “Thank you Mr. Alaia for taking me to the Palais Galliera to see your iconic exhibition! Love you!!!,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star captioned a photo on Instagram where she’s strolling through the museum with Mr.

COUTURE: Kardashian in Paris, Lagerfeld Speaks Out

And Khloe showed tough love by insisting that Lamar show up at Shapiros office on time. I dont want a warrant out for your arrest., she said. If you dont show up, hes dropping you as a client. PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Goes White Hot For Shopping Spree Lamar said hed bring her champagne, but Khloe rejected his advances, saying she was working. The basketball players constant phone calls to Khloe and the rest of the family showed how much he was trying to get back into their good graces. After Lamars dad slammed Khloe and the Kardashians in an interview, Khloe told the family, Lamar called and he was crying. He was sad and kept apologizing.

Best Of Times, Worst Of Times: Kris Jenner A Cougar On The Prowl, While Khloe Kardashian’s Marriage Disintegrates, On ‘KUWTK’

It was Chanel haute couture. At Karl Lagerfeld’s dazzling “Cambon Club” show, he boldly mixed the couture designs associated with Coco Chanel’s fashion empire at 31 rue Cambon, with a youthful sporty kick. Princess pearl chiffon, satin silk, fastidious embroideries, sequins and sculpted corsets met with gasp sneakers , sporty white cropped boleros, fanny packs and silver knee pads. Kim Kardashian sex tape watch Models even ran down the steps that led onto a bright crystalline stage.


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