Introducing Kardashian Beauty, The Kardashian Sisters’ First Foray Into Hair Care And Styling – Yahoo Finance

“We have been developing Kardashian Beauty carefully with our fans’ needs in mind as well as our individual hair care needs,” said the Kardashian sisters. “Our personal desire for healthy, beautiful hair and hands-on product development has allowed us to design products we felt were missing in the market.” Kardashian Beauty will be available in Spring 2015 at select retailers nationwide. For additional information contact Rogers & Cowan: Sheila Munguia About Farouk Systems, Inc. Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based company that manufactures high quality professional hair care products.
Source: watch Kim Kardashian tape

Khloe Kardashian’s Tattoo Reactions From Fans: Should She Remove Lamar Odom Ink? – Hollywood Life

The message was a quote from Buddha about depending on no one but yourself and having no fear: The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.- Buddha Whether the rumors of the breakup between Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are true or not, the couple has stayed relatively quiet about it until Montana opened up about capitalizing on Khloe Kardashians fame. While fans began criticizing the comment, according to US Weekly, Khloe took to twitter to let everyone know that she wasnt blind and she knew it all along : Its amusing to me that Yall think I dont see it. I was the first one to see it.

Best of Summer: Top Kardashian Moments Tournament—Vote for Kim, Khloé, Kourtney & More! | E! Online

by Brett Malec Today 6:30 AM PDT Loading… This summer has been hot for all the members of the Kardashian family! Things kicked off a few months ago with Kim Kardashian ‘s wedding to Kany West. Since the big nuptials, Kim’s had lots of sexy bikini moments and more! Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday and started dating rapper French Montana , while Kourtney Kardashian announced she and Scott Disick are expecting their third child!

Lamar Odom: Confrontation With Khloé Kardashian And French Montana Averted | WebProNews

When Kim Kardashian confronted her sister on Sunday about the new supposed boyfriend, Khloe Kardashian only answered: Thats ridiculous! Kim later tells the camera that Its kind of annoying that I have to find out all this information on the Internet instead of straight from Khloe. If anything, my sisters are the first people I tell all my business to, so its kind of weird that Khloe can be so secretive. Kim decided to find out the real scoop herself by going on a stake out at a club where she knows Khloe was heading for one night. Except Odom arrives at the same club and they all risk a very awkward run-in. It was a good thing that Kim was there to see him, so she was able to inform her sister, who drove up minutes later with Montana.

Khloe Kardashian Responds To French Montana’s Comment On ‘Capitalizing’ On Her Fame: ‘I Just Don’t Care’

I like tattoos on my hands, but I could change the words. Kim Kardashian ,33, told Khloe she could add a VE to her hand to make her LO initials spell LOVE. Khloes fans are now reacting to her confession by tweeting ideas about what she can do with her tattoo. Read the fan suggestions and opinions here: @khloekardashian Put a KH before and an E after the LO tattoo. Hi @khloekardashian ! After watching tonights show, I have an idea for your LO tattoo on your hand. How about adding YO for YOLO? Xo Katie Glamour (@katie_glamour) August 18, 2014 @khloekardashian Add YO to your LO, this way you honor ur relationship with Lam & YOLO Megan Krotz (@mkrotz) August 18, 2014 I agree!


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