The Fanciest, Most Quintessentially Kimye Things That Kim And Kanye Have Done Since They Got Engaged – Mtv

The Wedding Of The Year May 24, 2014: Finally! These two tied the knot in an ultra lavish affair, complete with a rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles, a selfie book for Kanye, and a ceremony in Florence, Italy. Low-Key Honeymoon May 2014 Fiona Murray (@FionaMurray96) May 29, 2014 A few days into marriage, and they were already acting like an old married couple hitting up a movie theatre on their honeymoon in Ireland. No really, this might be the most normal, un-fancy thing theyve ever done. Baby Girl Turns One June 2014 All that celebration can be exhausting!

Au Revoir New York: Are Beyonce And Jay Z Moving To Paris? | Vibe

, Kimye was seen strolling into the fashion show, fashionably late. However, a certain sassy attendant did not appreciate their contribution to the show, and booed them from across the runway. Being the radical rapper that he is, Kanye confronted the heckler head on. “Alber [Elbaz] asked to see us, don’t boo us,” Kanye rebutted, as he name-dropped, head designer, Alber Elbaz. “We’re not late, we’re not late.” Okay, calm down, Kanye.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Booed At Paris Fashion Week –

Golding Posted October 2, 2014 Must be nice! After wrapping up their successful “On The Run Tour” Beyonce and Jay Z have been doing some well deserved vacationing in La Ville-Lumiere (that’s French for the “City of Lights”) The couple was spotted with their daughter looking for homes with realtors in Paris Thursday (Oct. 2) Moving to France may not be such a bad idea. Close friend Kanye West and his fashionable family have already taken up residence in the romantic city, and Paris holds a special place in the Carter’s hearts. Jay Z proposed to Bey in Paris and it’s where little baby blue was conceived (TMI, maybe?) Either way, good looks.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Fight Over The Fappening? Nude Selfies Allegedly Were Not For Husband

They arrived to their seats after the show had started, which upset a couple people in the crowd. Ye immediately went on the defense and confronted the hecklers, explaining that they were not late and that Lanvin’s creative director, Alber Elbaz, had asked to see them backstage. “Alber asked to see us. Don’t boo us. We’re not late,” he said.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get booed for the late arival at Lanvin’s Paris Fashion Week show |

magazine Closer . He loves seeing her in revealing outfits like she wore in Paris …and often posts sexy selfies shes taken, but hed never seen these photos before and thinks Kim must have taken them before they got together, for an ex-boyfriend, the source continued. West allegedly was jealous over the photos, nude selfies that Kardashian took in a mirror. He was seething with jealousy and angry that he has no control over who can see the images. He even accused Kim of still being in contact with some of her exes. This is not the first time there have been reports about fights between the famous couple.


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